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This email is for all clients who use Banklink.

It has become apparent that some of our clients are having issues importing their BankLink file.

The error looks similar to this:
> ClassName:    TApplication
> ErrorClass:    EAccessViolation
> Message:       Access violation at address 00012FE5. Read of address FFFFFFFF
> BankLink Books is using C:\BK5\
> Current Directory is C:\BK5
Benjamin has been in touch with BankLink and they have sent him a set of instructions which I have included below for our clients to follow so that they can upgrade to the latest version.  If the instructions have been followed correctly it should fix the problem.  If not, please call us for further assistance.


Please find below the upgrade link and instructions for your client to get them up to date with BankLink Books:


 BankLink Books Update Link -


  • Please make sure you have BankLink Books closed before running the update file


  1. Please click on the link above and select “save as”
  2. Save the file to your desktop
  3. Once the file has finished downloading browse to your desktop
  4. Run the file – “setup_update_books_nz.exe”
  5. During the upgrade process you will need to point the update application to your current installed location of BankLink Books. This location can be obtained in BankLink Books under HELP > ABOUT or by right clicking on the BankLink Books shortcut on your desktop and selecting PROPERTIES


This will update you to the latest version of BankLink Books


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