May Machinations

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Hi everyone!

We hope that you are all well and enjoying the plummet into Winter. Brrrr!!

This month's newsletter doesn't have that much in it unfortunately - April and May are a quiet time in the accounting world.


Matley has now converted from MYOB Accountants Office to Xero.  This has led to a steep learning curve on some things!!

The invoices are one - April was our first batch and.... well.... the descriptions may have been a little bare.  Sorry about that. 

For those of you who received random invoices with no description - no, we aren't just trying to fleece money from you!  Our templates were not set up correctly and descriptions for work were not coming through.

Also, we require email addresses for all clients (if you have one).  This blog is a different system to our accounting system, so if you have an email address that you would rather invoices/statements went too, please can you email so I can ensure that the system is up to date.



Which leads me to the next slight issue.  For all clients who received a COMPANY ANNUAL RETURN invoice in April - these invoices are either prepaid or under the direct debit system.  Please don't make a manual payment for these as I have set up the direct debit batch and cannot reverse it.   Any payments that are received in addition to the 20 May 2015 batch will be applied as a credit against your future accounting fees.

The line "this invoice is paid by direct debit" was not included on the invoices because of the template issue. (cue Maggie tearing our her now completely grey hair).

April, May, June and July are when we file the Company Returns for Limited companies.  These charges are billed directly to us, so for us to administer your company you need to have a direct debit set up with us.

Legislation is changing on 1 July 2015 because of the Anti Money Laundering Laws.  For me to be able to file your Company Return, I require the birth date, town and country of birth for EVERY director of every company we administer.  This information is kept confidential, but is required to ensure that the Directors are real people.

From 1 July 2015 if I do not have this information, I am unable to file the annual return for your company as the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment will not allow me.

So, if you are ever talking to any of our staff members, please give them your birth date and town and country of birth and they will enter it in the system to ensure that we remain compliant with the regulations of the Company's Office.

This is only applicable to those clients who are a Director of a Company.


You are able to send in your information for us to complete your 2015 accounts.  Information that we require to complete the accounts include:

- Bank statements for the period 1 April 2014 to 31 March 2015

- Loan statements for the period 1 April 2014 to 31 March 2015

- Details of any asset purchases

- Hire Purchase documents

- Details of any cheques written

If you are unsure of what else we might require, we have a checklist that we can send you.  Please contact the office if you need this.


Finally, some pictures for your pleasure.

Zara is making great progress and is back to terrorising her brother at every opportunity!  


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Crazy Driver

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Afternoon Tea

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