Special Announcement at Matley Financial Services

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Dear Valued Client,

 As fellow business owners, you will understand that businesses go through change cycles and an enduring business will recognise those changes and adjust accordingly.

 After 10 years in operation, Matley Financial Services has successfully grown beyond a size that is manageable by David alone.  For that reason, Neisha Comins was employed by the company in April 2016 as Practice Manager.  This position has created positive change within the company and allowed David to step back from the organisational side of the company and focus on the supporting of clients in their business (his passion).

 As of 1st October 2016, Neisha purchased a portion of the business as an extension of her vested interest in seeing Matley Financial Services strengthen and continue to provide quality service and advice to clients.  David is also working with local based parties in Auckland, Tauranga and Christchurch to look at opening offices in these locations to support our clients based in these cities. 

 As clients, your accounting experiences should only improve and some of the new changes we are looking to implement in the new year will only enhance the “Matley” experience.

 All staff and operations will continue as normal -  David is still the face of the company and fully available but on a day to day basis you may have more interaction with the staff than you have historically experienced. 

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