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Hi everyone,

This is an urgent update for all our clients as there have been a number of you affected by the latest scam targeting tax payers from phishers claiming to be from the Inland Revenue.

The following email has been sent to us directly from our Community Compliance Officer at the Inland Revenue Department for us to circulate to our clients.


There is currently a large-scale phone scam running regarding “unpaid taxes”. These calls are not legitimate and are not coming from Inland Revenue. We are working with the relevant authorities to have the phone numbers disconnected; however, new phone numbers continue to be established.
Please help us to stop them by:
-    Not responding, or hanging up on those phone numbers (see table below)
-   Contacting your phone provider (for example 2degrees, Spark, Vodafone etc.) and asking them to block the callers
-    Continuing to report phone numbers (if not noted below) to phishing@ird.govt.nz


Current malicious phone numbers

04 830 2441

04 830 2448

04 830 2447

04 830 3454

04 830 3495

09 974 9629

09 974 9581

09 974 9628

06 824 1124

09 950 8821

09 950 8826

09 950 8850

09 950 8824


If you have any concerns, please contact the office.


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